Aalto Explorer Story

The ocean covers nearly 70% of the Earth, yet, 95% of it remains a mystery. Submarine or drone expedition belongs exclusively to the elite who can afford expensive equipments and trips.

Aalto Explorer believes that curiosity is the road of greatness. Power the people, we build the world’s first underwater expedition platform which enables anyone with a love for ocean to easily explore the deep sea from anywhere any time on their connected device. Join with your friends, families, fellow explorers; you are never alone on this journey!

Our mission is to be the first and biggest ocean exploration platform globally.

Our People

Founding Team


Oskari Heikkila

Co-founder - Inventor


Johanna Nordblad

Co-founder - CEO


Vesa Saynajakangas

Co-founder - Investor

Development Team


Manuel Rosales

Project Manager


Adriana Gomez

Robotics Expert

Henri Joona

Mechanical Expert

Arpita Kabra

Web Developer


Andres Prieto

Electronic Specialist


Maimuna Syed

VR & AR Expert

Izzan Bacharrudin

IxD Expert

Finance and Marketing Team


Loi Tran

Team Leader


Franklin Nhung

Community Manager


Linh Nguyen My

Community Manager

Yao Dai



Vu Nguyen Le Uyen

Technical Writer

Yuika Machida




Mentoring Team


Juuso Pollanen

Engineer at Teraloop


Markus Merila

Engineer at Teraloop

Our Journey

  • Set sail

    September 2017

    Aalto industries initiated Aalto Explorer project invented by Oskari

  • Team up

    Aalto Explorer Team formation under PDP course

    It's a collaboration project by Aalto and ISDI universities sponsored bu Aalto Industries Oy

  • First Step

    December 2017

    First prototype was launched for testing

  • Second Step

    April 2018

    Second prototype was produced in India

  • Meet the public

    May 2018

    Second prototype was unveiled in Finland, including drone and floating module

  • Win

    PDP Gala

    Aalto Explorer was selected as the best project of the year

  • Bigger Stage

    December 2018

    Aalto Explorer was selected for exhibition at Global Grad Show during Dubai Design Week

  • Next Step

    August 2019

    Aalto Explorer - the first CCV with its digital platform would be launched for fully operation. Our Crowdfunding campaign would be run at the same time