Don't just wonder about the unknown, experience the magic!

Experience the Magic

Who says the magics of the ocean belongs exclusively to the expert divers with expensive equipments?
Aalto Explorer is a seamless underwater technology network, enabling you and your friends to explore the deep sea right from home.
Our solution contains three parts: Find-X, the underwater drone; the floating module to support Find-X and Aalto Explorer platform where your group can access and control the rover through the Internet.

Communication System

Explore the deep sea your way!

Be the Captain

As the name suggests, the undersea ROV, FIND-X, is completely under your control. Create your own unique undersea experience via Aalto Explorer platform. Suitable for people who believe ‘My fate is in my own hands’.

Be the Passenger

Hop onboard to the greatest ocean expeditions in the seven seas of the world! You can follow any journeys you want and become a member of the Aalto Explorer community. Suitable for carefree explorers who do not want any additional responsibility.

Be the Researcher

No need to spend thousands euros to collect real-time ocean data! Join Aalto Explorer platform and gain instant information regarding temperature, salinity, etc. Knowledge has never been so easy to grasp!