The most affordable, accessible ocean exploration tool.

No longer is the need for purchasing costly underwater drones and submarines or taking exorbitant diving trips.

The deep sea is within your reach.

How it works

Find-X, the floating module and the platform works together as an underwater technology network.

The Find-X is your underwater drone, which you can control via the Internet from your location. It is your eyes and arms in the oceans.

The platform is a web app, which you can access on your connected devices from home.

The floating module (well, you don’t need to care too much about this) supports the underwater drone by providing energy and Internet connection point.

AE contains three parts


FIND-X can comfortably go 100 meters into the ocean. The underwater drone is equipped with 360 camera both front and back, allowing users to gather HD pictures and videos.

Sensitive microphone allows the best recording of the undersea. Sensors included to measure temperature, salinity, pH level, and water pressure. The rover has robotic arms to collect marine samples.

Floating Module

Serve as the anchor for the rover, the floating module includes solar panel, the primary source of energy for FIND-X.

It is also the connection point between land (you, the user) and sea (the FIND-X underwater drone).

Aalto Explorer Platform

The Aalto Explorer platform is an open ocean exploration community platform. You can find all the expeditions, get tickets to participate, interact with like-minded fellows and show off your marine knowledge!

The platform is also integrated with Virtual Reality to give you the best ocean experience.